Things "To Do"


Airplane-Bicycle-Car-Horse-Hangglide-Motorcyle-Run or Walk.  Don't care how you get there, just take the time and effort to get there!
Go East of Steptoe on Scholz 2miles to Hume Road, take a left and continue for 5 miles, then left on to Steptoe Butte road. ENJOY!
About 9 miles one-way, paved all the way! National Park.

John Wayne Trail - Trail Head is in Nearby Tekoa Washington. Google for more details

Hole in the Ground - West of Rosalia. Google

Hells Canyon - Deepest Canyon in North America ***** 5 star rating take a jet boat trip all the way to the dam or ride the mail boat (economy)

Tour the Dams and Fish ladders on the Snake River

Dwarshak Resevoir

Fishing and Hunting***** ASK FIRST!!!!!!!!!

Colfax City Library

Golf St. John (6holes, play it 3 times! lol) Colfax 9 hole, Tekoa 9? or Pullman's Palouse Ridge *****18 and eat at Banyans*****

Palouse Falls - Pretty Cool, google

Washington State University - GO COUGS! 30 miles away, and a world of its own!

Lake Couer D Alene lake -take the back road and drive the East side of the Lake.

McCroskey State Park - on your way to Sky-Line Drive, try the "mail-route" road out of Farmington!

Drive the Back Roads and WATCH OUT for farm machinery and slow moving vehicles, especially in August!

Visit Historic Elberton,home of the Worlds Largest Prune Dryer (at the turn of the century) then visit Stephen Bishop's Atty. office in Garfield and 
enjoy his historic pictures of years gone by. rates do apply, lol,?

The rural population of Whitman County has been decreasing since the 1880's.  After the Homesteading of Whitman County there was a family on every 160 acres +/-.  When you see a tree or windmill or building on the edge of a field a little investigating will reveal a story of years gone by.  When the farmer asks you "what the heck your doing" simply reply your just checking on "family". PS don't drive in the fields 'at all'! Be EXTREMELY careful in August for fire dangers and all backroads and field accesses are busy!

Meander the Palouse River, From Colfax go East up the Golf Course rd and see Glenwood, then left or right will take you to Elberton, take the Oral Smith rd to Lange rd and cross the river again. Proceed to Altergott rd and then to Palouse, Potlatch and beyond. The same can be done by heading northwest out of Colfax on Green Hollow rd, when you hit the Snake River, your done! 

Eat your way thru the Palouse!
Eddy's Chineese in Colfax, the Green Frog in Palouse, Smokin Papas in Garfield, The Palouse Tavern in Palouse, Grumpys Tavern in Garfield.
All kinds of great food in Pullman and MICRO-BREWS TOO! Elenors in Union Town, Effies in Lewiston ID, and Bo-Jacks for Great Steaks!
Potlatch at the Y, Homestead in Plummer and Conkling Cafe at Conkling Marina on the south end of lake CDA.

Note: We need someone to open the ol restaurant in Steptoe. It used to be called the Wheel Inn. Over 10,000 cars a day go by and there is a huge need for it.  It's recently remodelled and unsure of its status, send me your e-mails and I will forward them to the owner.